Health & Safety Best Practices

Wake up to the Costs of Worker Fatigue

Too many companies are losing money and risking worker safety by failing to realize the importance and urgency of fatigue management, according to Bill Sirois, senior vice-pr

Data Entry Operators Benefit From Short Breaks

Give your data entry workers a break. Better yet, give them four breaks of five minutes each, plus their regular breaks. You’ll still come out ahead, according to a study c

How to Perform a Hazard Assessment for Industrial Settings

There is no OSHA ergonomics standard. But as with other hazards, a hazard assessment is integral to controlling ergonomic risks at the workplace. Here’s a look at the role

Five Steps for Providing Effective Safety Training

afety training is defined as the “how” in safety, and it teaches your workers safe behaviors, practices and procedures. Here are five tips to help supervisors conduct eff


Many Experience Email Apnea and its Negative Health Effects

Reading or writing emails can cause an increase in heart rate and anxiety, even if what we are reading or typing in itself isn’t making us anxious or angry. Nearly every

Common Chemicals Can’t be Treated Casually

Solvents, thinners and other flammable products including acetone, alcohol, benzene, gasoline, glycol, kerosene, methanol, mineral spirits, naphtha, toluene and turpentine, a

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