Health & Safety Best Practices


Danger in the Trenches

Each year, excavation and trenching cave-ins cause thousands of injuries and dozens of deaths. Trenches can collapse unexpectedly and bury a worker or a bystander. Many victi


Active Breaks Help

If you work a lot at a computer, you need to be aware of the possibilities of repetitive strain injuries and how to prevent them. Since computers with display screens were

Seven Statistics: Deadly Driving

Distracted driving is a safety concern for employers whose workers drive on the job because you don’t want your employees injured or killed in car accidents caused by distr


Why Workers Need to Park Those Cell Phones, Even if They Aren’t Driving

Few people would argue with the point that talking or texting on a cell phone while driving causes dangerous and potentially fatal distractions. But a worker doesn’t nee


Great Leaders Make Safety Fun

Great Leaders Make Safety Fun One of the biggest misconceptions about safety is that it is boring, says Richard Hawk, a safety professional and motivational spea

When There’s an Environmental Incident, Who Should Be Warned & When?

When there’s been an environmental incident, such as a spill of a hazardous substance, you’ll likely have to notify government officials. Those officials will also have

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