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bad mood

Growled at Anyone Lately?

Like old age, a bad mood can sneak up on a person. Some events, like an unplanned $200 speeding ticket on the way into work, may set the stage for a hissy fit. And anyone is


Hospital Can’t Require Unvaccinated Nurses to Wear Masks

A hospital unilaterally adopted a Vaccinate or Mask Policy requiring nurses and other workers who don’t get the annual flu vaccine to wear surgical masks in areas where pat


Focus on 1-bromopropane

Worker exposure to 1-bromopropane (1-BP), a toxic chemical associated with nervous system damage and reproductive harm in animal studies, has prompted a joint hazard alert fr


Clamp Down on Workplace Safety Complacency

Every year on average, 32,000 people in the US and about 2,075 in Canada die in motor vehicle crashes. Yet no one thinks that they could be the next victim. We put our seat b

Office Hazards

Offices appear much safer than they really are. Many teachers, administration workers and even students receive injuries and permanent disabilities due to ignoring office saf

Webinar Recording: How to Convince Upper Management of the Necessity for Safety Compliance

The OSHA Act in the US and Provincial OHS Legislation in Canada mandate that every organization provide a hazard-free working environment and comply with standards, many

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