Equipment Safety

Extension Ladders – Best Practices

WHAT'S AT STAKE? Every year more than 18,000 workers are injured in falls from ladders. Many die. Would it surprise you to know that most victims fell from heights we would t

Hand and Power Tools – 10 Tips for Safe Use

WHAT'S AT STAKE? Hand and power tool injuries send more than 400,000 workers to the emergency room and cause hundreds of deaths every year. WHAT'S THE DANGER? Using hand and

Machines in Motion Mean Danger

WHAT’S AT STAKE? It’s a simple fact: Machines need to move to perform their tasks. Whether it’s a conveyor belt carrying raw material to a mixing tank, power presses b

Pedestrian Safety In The Workplace

WHAT'S AT STAKE? We are constantly reminding our children about pedestrian safety.  We tell them to cross only at designated crosswalks and to look both ways before crossin

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