Emergency Preparedness

Court Nixes Airline Evacuation Procedure Change as Unsafe

Transport Canada agreed to reduce flight attendant staffing requirements provided that the airline seeking the exemption could demonstrate that the reduced crew could carry o

Flight Attendant Forces Emergency Landing

Flight Attendant Forces Emergency Landing Many of us have encountered a flight attendant with an attitude, but 72 passengers on board a flight from Minneapolis,

7 Steps to Safer Operations

By Nick Candito, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Progressly Reducing job-site injuries and safety hazards is the ultimate goal for many health and safety profess

Paris Attacks: Is Your Workplace Prepared for an Act of Terrorism?

The risk of terrorist attacks is something that every employer—at a minimum—should consider and, if necessary, prepare for in its emergency response planning. The rece

Do Your Workers Know What to Do in an Emergency?

Suppose a fire were to break out in your workplace or a gunman starts randomly shooting people. Would your workers know what to do, such as how to get out, whether to hide, w

Tips for Surviving an Active Shooter Event

If an armed person entered your workplace, many workers would freeze in place, like proverbial deer in the headlights. Depending on the motivation of the person carrying the

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