Electrical Safety

Fire Hazards

Common Workplace Fire Hazards

Every year in workplaces across the United States, there are at least 70,000 serious fires, according to Maine Municipal Association (MMA) Risk Management Services. Canadian


Inadequate Electrical Safety Training Zaps Contractor’s Due Diligence Defence

A street light subcontractor was fined a hair under $50K for failing to maintain the required minimum 3-metre clearance between the signal arm it was installing and overhead


Electrician Uses up ‘Last Chance’ by Committing Lockout Violation

This is your last chance; one more “serious disciplinary issue” and you’re toast. The saw mill electrician with a long disciplinary history agreed and signed the agreem

Focus On: Five Steps to Hand Protection

Various tasks and activities in the workplace can endanger workers’ hands. For example, workers’ hands could be cut by sharp materials, injured by hazardous substances or

6 Typical Electrical Hazards in the Workplace

  WHAT'S AT STAKE? Electrical shock is a leading cause of workplace fatalities and almost every day approximately one electrocution, 10 disabling injuries and 100 elec

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