failing health

Failing Health No Basis for Giving Employee Extra Termination Notice

A construction firm inked its erstwhile independent contractor consultant to an employment contract and allows him to keep consulting for other clients. The consultant, age 5

Medical Information

Lack of Medical Information Doesn’t Justify Aborting RTW Process

A train conductor wanted to return to work after suffered a disabling back injury on the job. At first, the sides worked together to formulate a return to work (RTW) program


Welder Fired for Safety Infractions, Not Bad Eyesight

The Human Rights Tribunal found that a fired welder had no shot at winning his disability discrimination claim and tossed the case. The evidence clearly showed that the emplo


Dog Allergy Justifies Cabbie’s Refusal to Drive Passenger with Guide Dog

Refusing to pick up a visually-impaired passenger with a guide dog wasn’t disability discrimination because the driver was allergic to dogs, according to the BC Human Right

No Sick Pay for Colonoscopy that Is Not Medically Necessary

A hospital refused sick pay under a short-term disability plan to an employee for the day he missed work to have a colonoscopy. The collective agreement said benefits would b

Miscarriage Can Be a ‘Disability’ Says Human Rights Tribunal

An employee missed 3 weeks of work after hurting her hip. Six months later, she suffered a miscarriage. Disabling depression ensued costing her more time. As a result, she mi

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