Court Cases


OK to Fire Jailed Employee for Not Calling In & Explaining Absence

On Aug. 2, a hospital employee with 25+ years of service was arrested on serious criminal charges. Although he was on vacation at the time, the employee couldn’t return to


No Masterpiece, But Termination Clause Is Clear Enough to Enforce

Termination of Employment: If you are terminated by IBM other than for cause, IBM will provide you with a separation allowance in lieu of notice equal to the greater of IBM

Cell Phone to Film Co-Worker

Worker Uses Cell Phone to Film Co-Worker Smoking Pot at Work

A waste management company fired a worker for smoking pot at work. Among the evidence was video from a colleague’s cell phone showing the worker, who was already under susp


No Evidence of Worker’s Need of Accommodations for Nicotine

Is smoking and addiction to nicotine a disability requiring accommodation under human rights laws? That was the central question in this grievance by an air terminal screenin


Fired Trainee’s Sex Discrimination Charges Don’t Hold Water

A locomotive engineer trainee fired for failing her simulator and written tests claimed that she did pass the tests and that she her termination was actually part of a system


Drug-Sniffing Dog Search & Testing Are Valid Construction Safety Measures

Hydroelectric dam construction project security officers found 6 white pills of methamphetamine in the seat pocket of the pickup truck they were searching with scent-trained

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