Court Cases


Assault of Co-Worker = Just Cause to Fire Supervisor

Tensions between a supervisor and what he perceived to be a noncompliant forklift driver reached a crescendo in the lunchroom. “What’s your problem,” the supervisor sho

Even If Policy Is Illegal, Arbitrator Can’t Order Company Not to Enforce It

The union cried foul when a food distribution company adopted a new security policy allowing for random searches of employees in storage areas and asked the arbitrator to iss


Night Club Overcrowding Penalty Cut from $100K to $40K

The owner of an overcrowded night club was fined the maximum $100,000 for a first Safety Codes Act violation. The owner claimed the penalty was too harsh and the court agre

Court Orders Employee to Repay $44.2K in Pay for Hours He Didn’t Work

A nuclear power plant operator sued an ex-radiation protection assistant for submitting time sheets and receiving payments for hours he didn’t work. The court sided with th

Normal Job

Normal Job Pressures Don’t Trigger Coverage for Chronic Mental Stress

A doctor diagnosed a recruiter as suffering from an adjustment disorder as a result of her excessive workload and lack of support in the workplace and recommended she take ti


Securities Trader Wins Nearly $300K for Constructive Dismissal, Defamation

Like so many in the profession, a stock trader racked up big losses in the financial crisis year of 2008. Insult to injury came when the firm demanded she post an extra $50K

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