Court Cases

neck injury

No Proof Neck Symptoms Are Recurrence of Previous Work Injury

After nearly 8 years of stability, a welder began experiencing neck pain that he contended were caused by an earlier work-related head and neck injury covered by workers’ c

Placement Agency, Not Client Company Must Pay Ontario Payroll Tax on Temps

The Court of Appeal upheld a lower court ruling that an employment agency supplying temps to federal agencies had to pay the Ontario Employer Health Tax. The temps were clear

Railway Wins Temporary Reprieve from Order to Install Costly Light Towers

An MOL inspector investigating a railroad switch worker’s death determined that lighting levels in the yard were out of compliance and ordered the railway to construct new

Secretly Taping

Secretly Taping Meetings = Just Cause to Fire Probationary Employee

Still doubtful about his performance after 6 months of probationary employment, a government agency exercised its right to extend a senior level advisor’s probation period

Mobile Home

Workers’ Comp Doesn’t Have to Pay for Injured Worker’s New Mobile Home

A worker asked the WHSCC (as it was called back then) to pay for the mobile home he moved into after suffering a work-related ankle injury. The agency refused and the New Bru

sexual affair

Concealing Sexual Affair with Subordinate = Just Cause to Dismiss

A financial firm fired a manager for failing to disclose that he was having a sexual relationship with his subordinate as required by company policy and lying about the relat

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