Court Cases

Harassment Tort

Supreme Court Hammers Last Nail into Harassment Tort Coffin

After 12 years of litigation, the RCMP officer who accused his superiors of waging an unrelenting harassment claim to ruin his career came to the end of the legal road when t

Workers’ Comp Must Pay for Injured Worker’s Medical Cannabis

Doctors prescribed medical cannabis for pain from a worker’s work-related back injury but workers’ comp refused to pay for it. The New Brunswick Workers’ Comp Appeals T


Failure of Return to Work Process ≠ Failure to Accommodate

Did the employer do enough to accommodate an employee whose back injury left him incapable of performing the physically strenuous duties of a paramedic? The BC Human Rights T


Probationary Worker Fired for Performance Not Exercise of Pregnancy Rights

A senior home fired an attendant 10 days after she notified management that she was pregnant and wanted to exercise her OHS right to be taken off work dangerous to her unborn

seat belt

Speeding + Not Wearing Seatbelt Justify Truck Driver’s Firing

A worker driving 96 km per hour in a 65 km per hour zone over an icy curve without wearing a seat belt lost control of her truck and suffered injuries that kept her out of wo

Constructive Criticism Is Not Harassment

A dispatcher let go from seasonal employment due to performance issues and insubordination was reinstated to full-time work. But the problems continued and after 2 suspension

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