Court Cases


Court to Union Worker: Your Case Is for the Arbitrator, Not Us

A service station attendant assaulted a government highway officer. The officer blamed his co-workers for provoking the confrontation and failing to protect him; he blamed hi

Dress Code

Arbitrator Nixes Air Canada’s New Unilateral Dress Code Policy

After 30 years of letting employees wear baseball caps with the union logo, Air Canada unilaterally implemented a new rule requiring that all ball caps worn at work bear the

Employer Penalized $48,750 After Worker Is Burned Cutting Barrel

A worker was using an oxygen acetylene cutting torch to cut a hole on the top of a metal 45-gallon barrel. As soon as the torch pierced the top of the barrel, flames shot out

Younger Replacement

Hiring Younger Replacement Doesn’t Prove Age Discrimination

The Ontario Human Rights Tribunal dismissed the age discrimination claim of a real estate manager who was laid off as part of a corporate restructuring. The evidence showed t


Why Office Affairs are Bad News

A boss is having simultaneous affairs with three of his female employees. Can other female employees who aren't romantically involved with the boss sue for sexual haras


Worker Fired for Safety Lapse that Causes Propane Spill

Causing a propane spill by backing up his propane delivery truck without first checking to ensure the hoses were disconnected was the last straw for a worker with previous sa

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