Random Testing OK for Oil Sands Site with Rampant Drug Issues

An energy company unilaterally imposed a policy mandating not just drug and alcohol testing but random testing for safety-sensitive workers at oil sands sites. The arbitrat

The Materials You Use to Build Scaffolds Matter

Scaffolds are common equipment and are used to allow workers to safely access and work at areas at heights. But if you build scaffolds incorrectly or use the wrong materials,

noise protection

Noise Protection in the Workplace

New noise protection rules take effect from July 1st. The new rules, Regulation 381/15: Noise, which the MOL officially approved in December, consolidate the previously separ

OHS Administrative Monetary Penalties (AMP)

  Due to the time and money involved in the prosecution of OHS violations, some jurisdictions now allow OHS regulatory agencies to impose administrative monetary pena

Construction Projects Regulation Approaching deadline: April 1, 2017

  All workers who use fall protection on a construction project must complete an approved working at heights training program. This includes workers who met the fall

Reminder: OSHA Form 300A Deadline

OSHA reminds employers of their obligation to post a copy of OSHA's Form 300A, which summarizes job-related injuries and illnesses logged during 2016. The summary must be di

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