Accident Reporting

Lack of Pilot Training Eyed in Buffalo Plane Crash

The pilot flying the commuter aircraft that plunged into a neighborhood in northern NY in February lacked hands-on training with a critical safety system, according to an A

Study Finds Young Workers Reluctant to Report Minor Injuries

Studies have found that young workers are one of the more vulnerable segments of the workforce and thus more likely to get hurt on the job. And a new study found that when yo

Subcontractor Fined $600,000 for Stormwater-Related Violations

The MOE issued an approval, authorizing the construction of a solar farm. A subcontractor assumed the primary responsibility for implementing and monitoring the measures stip

Owners: Ignore Safety Warnings from Workers at Your Own Peril

Although criminal charges can be laid in workplace safety incidents, they’re rare in both Canada and the US. But both countries have recently seen more cases in which crimi

Top 10 Barriers to Reporting Near-Misses

It’s a given that reporting of near misses reduces injury incidents. A report of a near miss (close call) creates an opportunity for identifying and removing hazardous cond

Importance of Root Cause Analysis in Incident Investigations

When a safety or environmental incident occurs in your workplace, you must investigate it. But the approach you take in that investigation can determine how effective you are

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