Accident Reporting

Train Crash Investigation Yields Bizarre Findings

Federal investigators have revealed some disturbing details in connection with the operator of a California commuter train who ignored a red light, resulting in a head-on c

Man Accidentally Shoots Himself in Both Legs

He didn’t have a grudge against anyone at work, but for some reason he violated company policy by bringing a .45-caliber gun into the workplace. The violation came to light

Road Worker Killed When Tree Shifts

It’s hazardous to be around trees in storms, but an unusual incident in Mississippi illustrates how it can also be dangerous to be working with trees in the aftermath of a

Air Traffic Controller Dozed While Planes Landed

An air traffic controller told authorities he fell asleep on his fourth consecutive night shift, forcing two passenger planes to land without his assistance. The control

CN Fined $2.25 Million for Bissell Fuel Yard Oil Spill

Environmental officials traced the source of oil in the North Saskatchewan River to the Canadian National Railway fuel station 8 km away, specifically to an oil-water separat

Tourists Killed by Driver Who Missed Medication

A British couple’s trip to New York City ended tragically when both were struck and killed by a garbage truck that jumped a curb and drove onto a sidewalk. Another pedes

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