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Labour Board Orders Hospital to Do a Workplace Violence Assessment

After her colleague was attacked by an inmate, a nurse and member of the joint occupational health and safety committee asked a Nova Scotia OHS officer to order the medium se

Air Canada Mandatory Retirement Policy for Pilots ≠ Age Discrimination

Eighteen pilots forced to retire at age 60 claimed that Air Canada’s mandatory retirement policy was age discrimination and that previous Canadian Human Rights Commission r

Jewelry Hazard

Machinery Entanglement Isn’t Only Jewelry Hazard

Jewelry has its place, but certainly not in work situations where it may become entangled in moving machinery. An incident investigated by WorkSafeBC illustrates another type


BPA Linked to Male Sex Problems

High levels of workplace exposure to Bisphenol-A (BPA), a chemical used to make polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resins, has been linked to reduced sexual function in me


Ask The Expert: Is Failure to Get a Driver’s Licence Grounds for Termination?

QUESTION We reassigned a casual employee to a job that includes driving duties even though he didn’t have a driver’s licence because he assured us he’d get one. He’s

Surviving an OHS Inspection: The 5 Things You Should Never Say to an OHS Inspector

he way you handle the actual OHS inspection process may have as much impact on the outcome as the health and safety conditions of your site. That’s why the frontline worker

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