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Fatigue Has Many Causes

You are what you eat, drink and smoke. Adding those factors to such things as shift work, prescription and non-prescription drugs, lifestyle, ergonomics, working enviro

Constructive Criticism Is Not Harassment

A dispatcher let go from seasonal employment due to performance issues and insubordination was reinstated to full-time work. But the problems continued and after 2 suspension


Forklift Fitness

Every good pilot goes through a checklist to make sure his plane is in good shape before he takes off. A forklift operator is like a pilot too -- even though that operator

second job

Employee Fired for Secretly Working Second Job

Taking a second job with Tim Horton after the hotel where she worked cut her hours was just part of the problem. The real issue was not telling the hotel. Instead, she took m

Labour Board Orders Hospital to Do a Workplace Violence Assessment

After her colleague was attacked by an inmate, a nurse and member of the joint occupational health and safety committee asked a Nova Scotia OHS officer to order the medium se

Air Canada Mandatory Retirement Policy for Pilots ≠ Age Discrimination

Eighteen pilots forced to retire at age 60 claimed that Air Canada’s mandatory retirement policy was age discrimination and that previous Canadian Human Rights Commission r

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