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Supreme Court Hammers Last Nail into Harassment Tort Coffin

by Bongarde Editorial

Harassment Tort

After 12 years of litigation, the RCMP officer who accused his superiors of waging an unrelenting harassment claim to ruin his career came to the end of the legal road when the Supreme Court of Canada declined to hear his appeal. The case got off to a promising start. In Feb. 2017, an Ontario Superior Court awarded the officer nearly $1 million in damages and legal

Act Fast For Eye Injuries

by Bongarde Editorial

Any injury to the eye requires medical attention. Call for help right away. In the meantime, carry out the necessary first aid to keep the damage to a minimum. Get first aid training. Here is a review of techniques you may learn for dealing with eye injuries: A foreign object in the eye can cause painful irritation and can scratch the eyeball or even become

Some Tips for Helping Workers Who Have Arthritis

by Bongarde Editorial

Arthritis, which typically occurs between the ages of 35 and 50, is a leading cause of disability. That means most of the people who develop the disease between those ages are still working. The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) says an estimated seven million Canadian adults will be diagnosed with arthritis within the next 20 years. In t

Workers’ Comp Must Pay for Injured Worker’s Medical Cannabis

by Bongarde Editorial

Doctors prescribed medical cannabis for pain from a worker’s work-related back injury but workers’ comp refused to pay for it. The New Brunswick Workers’ Comp Appeals Tribunal disagreed with the decision, finding that the WHSCC had “ignored the opinions of treating physicians” and “cherry picked” the medical evidence to support its denial. The evidence

Can you ask applicants if they have kids during a job interview?

by Bongarde Editorial

ITUATION Jeanine Tonnick interviews for a bartending job at a local hotel. Bartenders must be at least 21 year and Jeanine looks like a teenager. So during the interview, the manager asks Jeanine her age. She replies truthfully, that she’s 25. That resolved, the manager turns to his next concern: whether Jeanine has the flexibility to work a varying schedule. D

Failure of Return to Work Process ≠ Failure to Accommodate

by Bongarde Editorial


Did the employer do enough to accommodate an employee whose back injury left him incapable of performing the physically strenuous duties of a paramedic? The BC Human Rights Tribunal said yes. The sides worked together with WorkSafeBC to implement a graduated return to work program, but it was unsuccessful. Since he couldn’t go back to his old job, the employer off

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