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Awards Can be Very Worthwhile

For some people, just knowing they’ve done the right thing is enough. For others, rewards and incentives are an effective way to promote safe work practices.

Workers benefit from the pride they feel in receiving awards; your company benefits from the loyalty, productivity and safe work performance this pride can foster.

An award does not have to be large to be meaningful. It simply has to be appropriate for the occasion and the employee. Awards can be luncheons, cash bonuses or gifts.

A key to developing a popular awards program is to involve employees in the development process. If your company is too small to initiate its own awards program, check with industry associations to see what programs they offer. You might be able to participate.

Awards programs should be based on reasonable eligibility standards and should be available to all employees. However, separate awards programs for different disciplines, departments or other divisions may be required to include everyone.

You can start your safety awards program by following these steps:

  • Establish reasonable and desirable goals for your awards program. Use employee input, if possible.
  • Tell employees about the eligibility standards.
  • Choose gifts to suit the recipient and the achievement. If possible, talk to co-workers to find out what is suitable.
  • Keep a written description of how the awards program is structured and of each year’s recipients.
Bongarde Editorial

Bongarde Editorial

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