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Alberta Company Charged $3 Million in Overweight Safety Fines

A company in Edmonton, Alberta has been fined $3M in overweight safety fines for violations occurring over a one month period. In over 1900 trips to a waste management the company transported 7,422 tons of extra soil, with each truck being at least one ton overweight per visit with one truck being 17.9 tons overweight.

The 1,900 charges the company faces under the Traffic Safety Act for operating overweight vehicles has their total fine adding up to $3,042,719. The company is due in court on December 3, 2015.
Overweight fines like these exist for very important safety reasons. A semi-truck carrying an oversized load, a drilling rig, took out a bridge span on the busy I-5 in Mount Vernon, WA causing a portion of the bridge and two vehicles to fall into the Skagit River, some 50 feet (15 meters) below. The trucking company had a state permit to carry the load across the bridge, but one of the drivers whose car fell into the river observed that the trucks load seemed to be three to four feet wider than the bridge. The load hit the bridge, causing the collapse. Three people in the fallen vehicles were taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Worse, the entire bridge needed to be rebuilt dramatically affecting state logistics for a year.

Not many stories like this would end without fatalities, so watching your truck’s load size and route is something to consider every time a driver sets out. These restrictions are in place for both the safety of your driver, and all other drivers on the road. Always be sure to observe height and weight restrictions for your driver’s trip, or it could be your company facing big fines next time.

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