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Act Fast For Eye Injuries

Any injury to the eye requires medical attention. Call for help right away. In the meantime, carry out the necessary first aid to keep the damage to a minimum.

Get first aid training. Here is a review of techniques you may learn for dealing with eye injuries:

  • A foreign object in the eye can cause painful irritation and can scratch the eyeball or even become imbedded in it. Examine the eye in good light. With clean hands, pull the upper eyelid down over the lower eyelid. The resulting tears may flush out the particle. If you can see the particle, try removing it with the corner of a clean, moistened cloth or tissue. You can also try gently flushing the eye with clean water. Don’t let the person rub the eye. Do not attempt to remove an imbedded object. Cover both eyes with a loose clean bandage until medical help arrives.
  • If the eye has received a blow, gently apply cold compresses. Pain, reduced vision or even a black eye can indicate damage to the eye, so call for medical help.
  • A cut or puncture of the eye or eyelid calls for lightly bandaging both eyes and getting help right away.

Never assume an eye injury is insignificant. Act quickly to prevent further damage. Have the eye checked out by medical personnel — just in case.

Bongarde Editorial

Bongarde Editorial

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