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Jenna Wallis

"I want to inspire people, encourage people, support, empower and motivate people." - Jenna started her professional career working as a Barista at Starbucks in 2013. She was promoted after just 3 months of employment to a Leadership role as she demonstrated an exceptional ability to provide an outstanding customer experience for each individual that entered her location. Bringing warmth, passion and encouragement to her team and her customers, Jenna successfully drove continual growth in product, customer experience and over all store standards.

Bringing those same values and that same passion to Bongarde in early 2017, she continues to hon her skills as a sale professional while offering safety and compliance solutions to all of her clients across North America. Jenna brings a high level of passion for helping others to the team as well as a drive for excellence that has helped her propel her sales career to the next level.

Coffee Connoisseur - Guitarist - Archery Master - Lover of people - Seeker of Knowledge - Legendary

  • Post:Business Development Associate
  • Experience:2 Years Experience

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