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7 Facts About Confined Spaces: By the Numbers

Here are seven facts relating to confined spaces:

  1. 1 confined space fatality occurs every four days on average in workplaces across the United States. (US Department of Labor)
  2. Toxic gases present 2 risks: chemical asphyxiation (smothering) and irritation to the human respiratory system, skin and eyes.
  3. 4 dangers of confined spaces are oxygen deficiency or oxygen enrichment; fire/explosion; the potential to drown in liquids or solids; and toxic atmospheres.
  4. 10 examples of confined spaces are vessels, tanks, storage bins, silos, vaults, pits, manholes, sewers, septic systems and pipelines.
  5. About 50 percent of confined space deaths in Canada result from insufficient oxygen. (Labour, Government of Canada)
  6. 60 percent of the people who die in confined spaces are would-be rescuers attempting to help fallen co-workers. (OSHA)
  7. 61 percent of confined space fatalities in the US occur during construction, repair or cleaning activities. (US Department of Labor)
Bongarde Editorial

Bongarde Editorial

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