Day: September 2, 2019


Rules are Made to be Maintained

Whoever said rules are made to be broken didn't know or care much about safety. Protecting ourselves from illness or injury means developing and maintaining rules that are ap

Question Your Drug and Alcohol Use

As a driver, it is imperative you stay sober and free of drug effects. This is vital for your own safety and the safety of everyone else you meet on the road. It is

OK to Fire Veteran Manager for Bullying and Harassment

After 23 years of service, one warning letter and 2 separate suspensions for bullying and harassment, a manager got her pink slip. The union contested each of the disciplinar

Govt. Can Keep Using Controversial Firefighter Fitness Test—For Now

In June 2018, the Sask. Court of Appeal upheld a union challenge to the government’s Public Service Commission’s requiring firefighter job applicants to complete a rigo

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