Day: August 5, 2019

Railway Wins Temporary Reprieve from Order to Install Costly Light Towers

An MOL inspector investigating a railroad switch worker’s death determined that lighting levels in the yard were out of compliance and ordered the railway to construct new

Coroner Warns on Laptop Overheating Hazard

Do you travel as part of your job and bring a laptop computer with you? Or do your workers take a laptop along on the job? In either case, care has to be taken regarding wher


Seven Statistics on Electrical Hazards

As with many other conveniences, reliance on electricity is so common that people tend to become complacent about the hazards associated with its use. Mistakes people make—

Secretly Taping

Secretly Taping Meetings = Just Cause to Fire Probationary Employee

Still doubtful about his performance after 6 months of probationary employment, a government agency exercised its right to extend a senior level advisor’s probation period

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