August 2019

wild fire

Wildfires and Air Quality: How to Breathe Easy

Wildfires are threatening many communities each year, spreading with them dangerous air pollution. In addition to the threats posed by the fires themselves, this air pollutio

Union Wins Temporary Ban on Random Drug Testing Policy

The union challenged a helicopter transport company’s random drug testing of safety-sensitivity employees and asked the arbitrator to bar enforcement of the policy until th

Another Day at the Office?

Here are some possible hazards you need to consider if you work in an office, and here is how you can address them: PROBLEM Many office workers have been injured as a res

Nurse with Drug Addiction Gets Second Chance to Prove Discrimination

A hospital fired a registered nurse with 28 years of service for stealing narcotic drugs. The union grieved contending that the nurse had a disability, drug addiction, and wa

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Manager Can’t Prove Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Was Work-Related

A front-end manager blamed the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) in her left wrist on repetitive flexion and extension of the wrist exerted while performing cashier duties. But th

Discussing Family Status

Discussing Family Status Isn’t Necessarily Family Status Discrimination

Despite the union’s urging, a nurse on suspension for misconduct refused to drop her grievance and accept her employer’s reinstatement offer. When settlement negotiations

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