August 2019

Schedule Housekeeping

As a supervisor, you must make housekeeping a priority, encouraging your workers to clean up as they work and as they finish a task. You don't have to work on this alone.

neck injury

No Proof Neck Symptoms Are Recurrence of Previous Work Injury

After nearly 8 years of stability, a welder began experiencing neck pain that he contended were caused by an earlier work-related head and neck injury covered by workers’ c

Placement Agency, Not Client Company Must Pay Ontario Payroll Tax on Temps

The Court of Appeal upheld a lower court ruling that an employment agency supplying temps to federal agencies had to pay the Ontario Employer Health Tax. The temps were clear

Save Energy at Home

Summer and winter, indoors and outdoors, there are many opportunities to save energy at home. By doing so, you will be helping to save valuable resources for everyone. Ene

Railway Wins Temporary Reprieve from Order to Install Costly Light Towers

An MOL inspector investigating a railroad switch worker’s death determined that lighting levels in the yard were out of compliance and ordered the railway to construct new

Coroner Warns on Laptop Overheating Hazard

Do you travel as part of your job and bring a laptop computer with you? Or do your workers take a laptop along on the job? In either case, care has to be taken regarding wher

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