July 2019


Take Time to Listen

A supervisor in the kitchen was having a really busy, frustrating day. Two workers had called in sick so the shift was shorthanded. The hospital was full of patients unexpect


There’s A Fungus Amungus

The microscopic fungi known as molds have always been among us, but we are learning more about the harm they can do. These tiny plants live on plant or animal matter. The

Specs Appeal

If your eyesight is good you might have a little more trouble adjusting to safety eyewear on the job than someone who wears glasses regularly. Using safety eyewear is well


Check These Shocking Fact

You know electrical shock can't be good for you, but what does it actually do to your body? Shock occurs when a person contacts a source of electrical energy. This current

Ask the Expert: How Do You Compensate Employees for Work Travel Time?

QUESTION How Is an employee paid for travelling on the weekend to attend a meeting overseas? ANSWER It depends on the type of employee. EXPLANATION If this employee is t

bus driver

OK to Fire Driver for Concealing Sleep Disorder and Cannabis Use

A bus driver who fell asleep at the wheel was fired for not disclosing his sleep problems and the fact he smoked pot to treat them on his pre-employment medical questionnaire

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