Day: July 8, 2019

supervisor in touch

Staying in Touch is Critical

There's not much point in developing a safety program unless worksite supervisors keep it in the minds of those for whom the program is intended. Communication is the key.


Awards Can be Very Worthwhile

For some people, just knowing they've done the right thing is enough. For others, rewards and incentives are an effective way to promote safe work practices. Workers benef

Face Shields Are More Eye Protection than Workers Refueling Airplanes Need

While refueling an aircraft, a worker accidentally sprayed aviation fuel into his face. The govt. inspector found that the Class 1A protective eyewear the victim was wearing


OK to Fire Employee for Masturbating at Work

A mechanic’s habit of masturbating in the washroom even when adjacent stalls were occupied generated complaints from co-workers and warnings from management. But the mechan

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