Day: July 1, 2019

My Feet Are Killing Me!

The 26 bones, 38 muscles, 56 ligaments and several yards of tendons in your feet take a beating when you have to stand or walk all day at work. A recent survey lists


How Does Your Garden Grow?

Here are some reminders about gardening safety: Gardening involves lifting and pulling, which can be hard on your back. If you have to lift items such as pots or bags of

Ask the Expert: Is Fear of a Violent Co-Worker Grounds for a Work Refusal?

QUESTION Can a worker refuse to work with a co-worker because he’s afraid the co-worker will attack him? ANSWER Yes, as long as the fear is reasonable. EXPLANATION Cou

Restaurant Owner Socked with $26.6K

Restaurant Owner Socked with $26.6K Psychological Harassment Penalty

From the moment she began working at the restaurant, an 18-year-old employee had to put up with sexual remarks—including some in front of customers and others on Facebook

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