July 2019

Work Together

Management and Workers Must Work Together to Identify and Eliminate Hazards

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has cited Rite Aid of New York Inc. for 10 alleged repeat and serious violations of safe

Mobile Home

Workers’ Comp Doesn’t Have to Pay for Injured Worker’s New Mobile Home

A worker asked the WHSCC (as it was called back then) to pay for the mobile home he moved into after suffering a work-related ankle injury. The agency refused and the New Bru

sexual affair

Concealing Sexual Affair with Subordinate = Just Cause to Dismiss

A financial firm fired a manager for failing to disclose that he was having a sexual relationship with his subordinate as required by company policy and lying about the relat

Guns from Home

Two-thirds of school shootings in the United States since 1974 involved guns from students' homes or homes of relatives. Some guns were gifts from parents, said a study from


Religion in the Workplace: 10 Best Practices for Preventing Discrimination

When it comes to religious tolerance in the workplace, Canada still has a long way to go. According to a recent Randstad survey, 16% of Canadians say they’ve suffered relig

back pain

New Back Pain Caused by Old Work Injury

In 2009, a nurse suffered what was diagnosed as a soft tissue injury to the low back while trying to move a patient. After conservative treatment, she returned to work for a

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