June 2019


No Masterpiece, But Termination Clause Is Clear Enough to Enforce

Termination of Employment: If you are terminated by IBM other than for cause, IBM will provide you with a separation allowance in lieu of notice equal to the greater of IBMâ

Cell Phone to Film Co-Worker

Worker Uses Cell Phone to Film Co-Worker Smoking Pot at Work

A waste management company fired a worker for smoking pot at work. Among the evidence was video from a colleague’s cell phone showing the worker, who was already under susp


Electrical Safety – 10 Quick Tips

In many regions, the month of May has been proclaimed as Electrical Safety Month. Even if this safety observance hasn’t been adopted in your area, it’s always a good time


Safety and Pranks Don’t Mix

Sunday is the first of April, April Fool's Day. Its origins are uncertain, but this unofficial holiday is a time for pranks, jokes and hoaxes. Beware of what you see, read an

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