June 2019


Do Someone Else A Good Turn

Intersections can bring out the best or the worst in a driver. At an intersection, traffic is moving in various directions and at different speeds. Vehicles are starting,


Dealing with the Aftermath of a Flood

Besides the danger of drowning, floods pose the risk of electrocution, fire, explosion, building collapse, poisoning from chemical spills and many other hazards. Many flood-r


Your Hardhat Needs Attention

Care for and wear your hardhat the right way so you get maximum on-the-job head protection. Keep your hardhat free from damage such as abrasions, scrapes, nicks, c


Texting Indecent Photos to Supervisor = Just Cause to Fire Longstanding Employee

Should an employee with 30 years of service and a clean disciplinary record lose his job for texting photos of his genitals to a female supervisor? The union acknowledged tha


8 Tips for Safe Materials Stacking

It’s important to ensure that you properly stack and store materials in your workplace so that they don’t endanger workers. For example, unstable stacks could collapse


Arbitrator Can’t Make Retiree Refund Overpayment She Got When Employed

The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA) discovered that it had overpaid an employee $3,500+ over her employment and demanded that the union repay the money. The union r

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