May 2019

Keep Your Head; Wear Your Hardhat!

Hardhats have come a long way. Designed with a suspension in the crown and tested to withstand 40 foot-pounds to protect the wearer from falling objects, hard hats are

Don’t Scoff at Scaffold Safety

Scaffolds must be designed and set up under the supervision of a qualified person. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen and workers can be put in grave danger as a res

Fired HR Employee Can’t Blame Bad Attitude on Anxiety & Depression

While acknowledging the misconduct and attitude problems that got her fired—including constant lateness, emotional outbursts, clashes with colleagues—a veteran HR staffer

Employer Needn’t Give Risk Assessment to Safety Committee until Appeal Decided

A worker complained to the MOL after his employer refused to provide a copy of the site hazard assessment to the workplace safety committee. The MOL officer issued a directio

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