May 2019


Fired Trainee’s Sex Discrimination Charges Don’t Hold Water

A locomotive engineer trainee fired for failing her simulator and written tests claimed that she did pass the tests and that she her termination was actually part of a system

heavy machinery

Vibrating Tools Leave You All Shook Up

About 1.5 million US workers use vibrating tools on the job and millions more are exposed to jarring while operating trucks or other heavy machinery. Whole-body vibration is


Like Cars, People Need Maintenance

Some people never lift their vehicles’ hoods until a light on the instrument panel flashes or a strange noise develops. If you are fond of sudden, expensive repairs, thi


Drug-Sniffing Dog Search & Testing Are Valid Construction Safety Measures

Hydroelectric dam construction project security officers found 6 white pills of methamphetamine in the seat pocket of the pickup truck they were searching with scent-trained

Exercise Your Heart

Exercise might help prevent sudden cardiac arrest, according to the Centers for Disease Control in the United States. Sudden cardiac arrest is different from a heart attac

Speaking Of Tobacco…

Tobacco has become a trendy ingredient for top international chefs but public health officials are choked. After years of pointing out dangers of tobacco, it has become an in

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