May 2019


No Evidence of Worker’s Need of Accommodations for Nicotine

Is smoking and addiction to nicotine a disability requiring accommodation under human rights laws? That was the central question in this grievance by an air terminal screenin

Food Service: The History of Handwashing

Workers who handle and prepare food must have clean hands. But invite workers to a lecture on the importance of handwashing, and you can expect rolled eyes and sarcastic zing

Infection Control is in Your Hands

Clean hands are your best defense against the spread of infection. Good hand hygiene helps protect you as well as co-workers and patients from possible spread of infectious a

Contractor Can’t Hire Temporary Foreign Worker to Operate Heavy Equipment

A BC construction contractor wanted to hire a Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) as a heavy equipment operator but the federal Officer rejected its Labour Market Impact Assessmen


Fired Trainee’s Sex Discrimination Charges Don’t Hold Water

A locomotive engineer trainee fired for failing her simulator and written tests claimed that she did pass the tests and that she her termination was actually part of a system

heavy machinery

Vibrating Tools Leave You All Shook Up

About 1.5 million US workers use vibrating tools on the job and millions more are exposed to jarring while operating trucks or other heavy machinery. Whole-body vibration is

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