April 2019

casual employee

Casual Employee Fired for Complaining of Work Harassment

A casual employee contended that it was no coincidence that she stopped getting work assignments and eventually lost her job after filing “respectful workplace” complaint


One Negative Comment ≠ Discrimination

A probationary employee claimed he was harassed and fired after one month of work because he’s Chinese. The problem was he had only one bit of evidence to back up his discr


Car Camera Could Have Its Eye On You

A twin camera system that spies on drivers and warns them if they appear about to be falling asleep has been developed in Australia. The device also alerts drivers who

bridge maintenance

Hazards Over Troubled Water

Bridge Maintenance Dangers Span Decades Think of hazards faced by bridge workers and you'll likely picture a beehive of construction activity on a new bridge. Once the wor


Worker Claims Machine Is Too Dangerous to Use but OHS Inspector Disagrees

An assistant press operator at a wet-process hardboard mill manufacturing plant filed a formal safety complaint contending that a 25-year-old lift platform was dangerously de


Ask The Expert: Can We Pay Students Less than Other Temporary Employees in Ontario?

QUESTION Under Ontario law, can we pay students different wage rates than other temporary employees hired during the same timeframe?   ANSWER Yes, but only in ve

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