Day: March 11, 2019


Take Care of Your Skin

AFTER THE WORKOUT OR AFTER WORK Imagine a marathon runner, a cyclist or a swimmer the day after the big race and you'll probably think of sore muscles and fatigue. But rar


Robot Safety More Than Common Sense

Unlike the movie, "I, Robot," no special effects are used in real-life scenes of robots suddenly running amok and killing people. For example, there was no movie set magic

confined spaces

OK to Suspend Veteran Crew Leader for Confined Spaces Violations

Was a 4-day unpaid suspension an appropriate penalty for an experienced mechanic who allowed his work crew to enter a confined space without a pre-entry briefing and verifica


Not Enough Evidence to Discipline Nurse for Stealing Drugs from Patient

Did she or didn’t she? That was the only question in this case where a health agency disciplined a veteran nurse for stealing a bottle of morphine tablets from the home of

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