March 2019


Offices Can Be Dangerous

Offices are deceptive when it comes to safety. They look much safer than they really are. Many office workers receive injuries and permanent disabilities in accidents e


Saved By The Boot

Need new boots? Make a habit of regularly checking your safety footwear. If worn or damaged footwear can’t be properly repaired, replace it. Fit for your feet When cho

Acid Discharge

Oil Company Gets Big Fine for Accidental Acid Discharge

The problems began when an oil refinery injected a hydrochloric acid and ammonia solution into its cogeneration unit heat recovery steam generator boiler during a cleaning pr

Arbitration Board Acted Unfairly in Resolving Fire Fighters’ Dispute

Municipal firefighters in New Brunswick aren’t allowed to go on strike but must instead resolve their collective bargaining disputes via mediation and, if that fails, bindi


Up To One In Five Suffer From Allergies

An estimated 15 to 20 per cent of the population is allergic to one thing or another. Here is a rundown on common allergies not necessarily related to work: Food allerg


Health Risks For International Travellers

If you have the travel bug, don't pick up any bugs while traveling. International travelers -- working or vacationing -- need to be careful to avoid illnesses common in ot

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