Day: February 11, 2019

Seven Statistics: Deadly Driving

Distracted driving is a safety concern for employers whose workers drive on the job because you don’t want your employees injured or killed in car accidents caused by distr

Seasonal Safety Tips: Shoveling Out of a Winter Wonderland

Who’s at Risk Shoveling, and even pushing a heavy snow blower, are strenuous activities. Mix in cold temperatures and the strain on your heart can be enough to cause a h

Employer Penalized $48,750 After Worker Is Burned Cutting Barrel

A worker was using an oxygen acetylene cutting torch to cut a hole on the top of a metal 45-gallon barrel. As soon as the torch pierced the top of the barrel, flames shot out

Bad-Mouthing the Company

Quiz: Firing Employees for Bad-Mouthing the Company

SITUATION ABC Auto Body is a f**** joke! Nobody should spend their money there because they’re a bunch of f**** crooks out to hose you.” An ABC Auto Body em

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