February 2019


Your Toes Are Targets

Accidents cause 75 per cent of foot injuries, according to a recent poll of foot doctors. Major workplace hazards are falling objects, contact with hot materials, cold temper


Workplace Eye Injuries Alarmingly Common

March is Workplace Eye Safety and Health Month—an appropriate time to reflect on the fact that about 2,200 American and Canadian workers suffer eye injuries every day. A


PPE Policy Didn’t Discriminate Against Electrician with Foot Disability

A city electrician with a disability that affects his feet required custom made orthopaedic footwear. A new PPE policy that conformed with OHS law required workers exposed to

Contract Violation

Using Non-Union Contractor to Prepare Food Offsite ≠ Contract Violation

The operator of a camp housing and feeding oil sands workers closed down the kitchen facilities and subcontracted with an outside company to prepare the sandwiches and salads


Danger in the Trenches

Each year, excavation and trenching cave-ins cause thousands of injuries and dozens of deaths. Trenches can collapse unexpectedly and bury a worker or a bystander. Many victi


Court to Union Worker: Your Case Is for the Arbitrator, Not Us

A service station attendant assaulted a government highway officer. The officer blamed his co-workers for provoking the confrontation and failing to protect him; he blamed hi

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