January 2019


Thinking Of Dieting?

Traditional weight-loss diets are the most effective and safest, says a report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. It says any diet that limits calories sufficient


The Slumber Years

Teens need more sleep than older people, but they rarely get it. Studies have shown young people require nine or 10 hours of sleep a night. However, the demands of scho


Property Owners Can Bring Class Action Lawsuit for Lake Manitoba Flood

A 2011 flood of Lake Manitoba did massive damage to nearby properties. Last April, a judge allowed a group of property owners situated within 30 kms of the Lake to bring a cl

Court Refuses to Order Arrests of CP Strike Protesters

Canada Post got an Ontario court to issue an injunction ordering protesters to stop blockading its mail processing plants. The protesters simply ignored the order as the poli

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