January 2019


Employee Must Pay $11K for Trashing Ex-Employer on Website

A software firm claimed that the highly negative review an ex-employee posted anonymously on the RateMyEmployer.ca website violated the non-disparagement clause of her seve

Bankruptcy Discharge Erases Debt to Repay Fraudulent Workers’ Comp Payments

An injured worker found to have fraudulently received nearly $45K in fraudulent workers’ comp benefits filed for bankruptcy before the WCB could get the money back. With th


Construction Corner

There is a time during new construction when natural gas is brought onsite. Here are a few guidelines to go by in order to keep everyone safe and comfortable with working gas


Painters Can’t Brush off Safety

Think of the most dangerous professions and “commercial painter” probably isn’t anywhere near the top of the list. But there’s a bucketful of hazards that professiona


Salesperson Gets Bonus She’d Have Earned If Not Constructively Dismissed

An equities salesperson claimed constructive dismissal after the firm revised her position and reduced her responsibility. The trial court agreed she was constructively d


Emergency Response: How to Implement a Fire Evacuation Plan

Fires strike without warning. But while you can’t predict them, you can prepare for them. In most workplaces, the first imperative of emergency response is getting everybod

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