December 2018

What Workers Value Most at Work Might Surprise You

What do you believe is most pressing issue for workers asked to rank labor standards in order of importance? Minimum wage? Overtime pay? Paid sick days? Family and maternity

Wake up to the Costs of Worker Fatigue

Too many companies are losing money and risking worker safety by failing to realize the importance and urgency of fatigue management, according to Bill Sirois, senior vice-pr


Assault of Co-Worker = Just Cause to Fire Supervisor

Tensions between a supervisor and what he perceived to be a noncompliant forklift driver reached a crescendo in the lunchroom. “What’s your problem,” the supervisor sho

Even If Policy Is Illegal, Arbitrator Can’t Order Company Not to Enforce It

The union cried foul when a food distribution company adopted a new security policy allowing for random searches of employees in storage areas and asked the arbitrator to iss

Data Entry Operators Benefit From Short Breaks

Give your data entry workers a break. Better yet, give them four breaks of five minutes each, plus their regular breaks. You’ll still come out ahead, according to a study c

Can Your Written Programs Be Kept Solely in Electronic Form?

A company decides it wants to keep its written safety programs strictly in electronic form. What do you think OSHA would have to say about that? The answer is: do so by al

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