December 2018


Don’t Fall for Rooftop Hazards

At this time of year, the buildup of heavy snow on the roof is a common concern at both the workplace and at home. And it’s a concern best left to the professionals to hand


How to Assess Fall Hazards

Fall hazards are an ongoing concern in most workplaces and include both falls from heights as well as falls from the same level. Slips, trip and falls from both categories co


Employer Socked with $40K OHS Fine

After pleading guilty to 3 OHS offences, including failure to ensure proper safety training and instruction and machine safety, a transport company was fined $40,000 for an i


Not Enough Proof that Fired Waiter Committed Theft

Theft is certainly just cause for dismissal, especially in the restaurant industry where servers are relied upon to collect the money from the customer and deliver it to the

computer bandit

Keep Computer Bandits at Bay

The Internet has made the world a much smaller place, but not everyone who utilizes it is neighborly, nice or remotely trustworthy. Not every computer whiz is working for an

old worker

10 Tips for Helping Your Older Workers Stay Healthy and Injury-Free

More than 20 percent of North American workers are at least 55 years old and those numbers are expected to increase, as more people decide they would rather keep working than

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