November 2018


Dismissing Firefighter’s Sex Harassment Complaint Is Procedurally Unfair

A volunteer firefighter claimed that the Human Rights Commission dismissed her sex harassment complaint without doing a fair investigation. The court agreed and ordered the C


Uneasonable to Expect Worker to Risk His Life Driving thru Snowstorm

After 5 years of repeated denials, a CRA employee prevailed in his quest to get 3.5 hours of pay after being able to get to his Charlottetown office during a snowstorm. He di

winter driving

Timely Tips Make Winter Driving Less Tense

Time is a major factor in winter driving safety, not only in terms of the need to allow more time to get to a destination, but also in pre-trip planning. The following tip

hands-on training

In Dangerous Jobs, Hands-on Safety Training Wins Hands-Down

If you want your workers to improve their safety behavior while performing highly hazardous jobs, there’s nothing more effective than hands-on safety training, according to

old worker

Watch What You Say to Older Workers

Throughout North America, employers have become increasingly intolerant toward sexual, religious, cultural, gender or racial discrimination toward workers. Now there is a

Power Outage

Plant Sues Truck Company for Power Outage Caused by Its Driver

A garbage truck backed into a power pole causing a power outage at a nearby plant. The owner of the plant sued the driver’s employer for damages, including busine

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