October 2018


Hospital Can’t Require Unvaccinated Nurses to Wear Masks

A hospital unilaterally adopted a Vaccinate or Mask Policy requiring nurses and other workers who don’t get the annual flu vaccine to wear surgical masks in areas where pat

Workers’ Comp

Workers’ Comp Covers Salesman’s Brain Hemorrhage While Driving

A salesman driving home from work suffers a brain hemorrhage and gets into an accident. Doctors later identify the cause of the hemorrhage as the rupturing of an aneurism. An

Confined Spaces

7 Facts About Confined Spaces: By the Numbers

Here are seven facts relating to confined spaces: 1 confined space fatality occurs every four days on average in workplaces across the United States. (US Department of


Focus on 1-bromopropane

Worker exposure to 1-bromopropane (1-BP), a toxic chemical associated with nervous system damage and reproductive harm in animal studies, has prompted a joint hazard alert fr

Workplace Bullying

Prison Guard Claims Workplace Bullying but Arbitrator Doesn’t Believe Her

An internal investigation concluded that a prison guard sexually harassed his female co-worker. But the case was far from over. The victim kept encountering her harasser even


Maintenance Generalist who Does Painter’s Work Entitled to Painter’s Pay

For nearly 2 years, a worker classified as Maintenance Generalist was assigned nothing but painting jobs. So, the union contended he should be paid at the higher Painter clas

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