September 2018

Webinar Recording: How to Convince Upper Management of the Necessity for Safety Compliance

The OSHA Act in the US and Provincial OHS Legislation in Canada mandate that every organization provide a hazard-free working environment and comply with standards, many


Taking a ‘Vacation’ from Email Reduces Stress, Boosts Focus

Are you chained to email, constantly checking for new messages and replying to them on the spot? A study from the University of California Irvine (UCI) suggests that taki

Avoid a Major Accident

Close call incidents happen more frequently than you think. Did you catch yourself from slipping any time today? Did you walk over a spill in the lunch room? Or did you get a

Workplace Bullying

Employee Escapes Firing for Workplace Bullying because of Her Long Service

A catering attendant was fired for bullying her co-workers and not showing up for her disciplinary hearing. While acknowledging the seriousness of the violations, the arbitra

Checkout Clerk

Disobedient Checkout Clerk Keeps Her Job but Gets 4-Month Suspension

Customers first, management second. For 9 years, a supermarket clerk followed this philosophy in delivering what the company acknowledged was outstanding service, despite bre

Save Your Breath

Hazardous substances, such as asbestos, gases, vapors, mists, dusts and other substances can cause serious respiratory illness. Your first line of defense is to separate your

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