August 2018

Union Employee Can’t Sue Employer for Sabotaging His EI Claim

Two weeks after getting fired, an employee was denied EI benefits. The union filed a wrongful termination grievance and the employee appealed the EI denial. The gri

Will Your Lighting Cut it in an Emergency?

Should a power failure occur in your workplace, emergency lighting is expected to kick in and help workers and others find their way to safety. But emergency lighting does


Bees: A Workplace Hazard

When you think of hazards in an industrial facility, a honeybee isn't exactly the first thing that comes to mind.  These little insects, which float between flowers and fora

Tribunal Blocks Enforcement of OHS Inspector’s Face Shields Order

While refueling an aircraft, a worker accidentally sprayed aviation fuel into his face. The govt. inspector found that the Class 1A protective eyewear the victim was wearing


Trial Needed to Decide If Domestic Violence Is Just Cause to Fire

A housing authority discovers that a live-in manager assaulted his ex-girlfriend and her pregnant daughter in separate incidents. Concluding that it can no longer trust the m

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