August 2018

Machine Guards

Machine Guards Are on Your Side

No matter how good you are at your work, there is a chance you will make a wrong move. It could be for just a second -- putting your hand in front of a blade or under a punch


No Overtime for Union Employees Working Irregular but Less than 40 Hours

Weather delays forced the employer to shut down and reschedule shifts to days that employees weren’t slated to work. Employees were paid their regular wages for these non-r


Blaming Baiters Doesn’t Get Fisherman Off Hook for Fisheries Violation

A lobster fisherman was charged with a Fisheries Act violation after a pair of female crabs were found impaled as bait inside one of his traps. After failing in his bid to

How to Reduce Turnover Headaches

If your company operates around the clock, you have undoubtedly had this experience: A new hire undergoes training, begins working the night shift and quits three months late


What’s your coaching style: highly effective – or irritating?

There's a fine line between being an effective safety coach and getting into someone's face. Once you cross the line, it's hard to turn back. That opinion, credited to Ala

Whistleblower’s Stress ≠ Kind of Danger Justifying a Work Refusal

A senior program advisor at the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) Passport Strategic Modernization Office initiated a work refusal citing the mental stress he w

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