July 2018

How Big a Concern is Sweating While Using Electrically Powered Tools?

Question: Northern Territory WorkSafe (NTWorkSafe) in Australia recently issued a warning about electric shock hazards associated with heavy sweating while workers are using

Best Practices: Are Your Fire Extinguishers Properly Marked?

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends using a set of symbols to mark portable fire extinguishers to show the class of fire they’re designed to fight.


Frustration of Contract Is “Self-Induced”

A casino table games dealer returned to work after a debilitating shoulder injury but could no longer do her old job. The casino assigned her modified duties and told her to

Are You Ready For a Crisis?

A catastrophic event has just occurred in your workplace. It could be an explosion in a petrochemical plant or a blowout on a drilling rig. You're safe, thankfully. But what

Fatality File: Crushed-between Scissor Lift and Support Beam

27-year-old male employee was fatally injured when he was crushed between the railing of a scissor lift and a mezzanine outer support beam while installing insulation on duct


Disaster Response: Keeping Responders Safe

In the panic and shock-filled aftermath of a natural disaster such as a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, fire or flood, disaster response teams rush in to help clear roads, re

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