June 2018


How to Deal With Workers of Different Generations

Question: I supervise a wide range of workers, from age 18 up to people well into their 60s. They have a variety of different attitudes toward safety, work and life. It’s


Don’t Turn Your Back on Wind Hazards

A stiff wind, especially when coupled with chilly or frigid winter temperatures, increases the misery factor sometimes associated with working outdoors. But the wind can be m


Vaping Cannabis while Driving Company Vehicle = Just Cause to Fire, Even for First Offence

An arbitrator ruled that bypassing progressive discipline and firing a worker for vaping medical cannabis while driving a company vehicle on company on company time was justi

stealing drugs

Hospital Technician Denies Stealing Drugs but Arbitrator Doesn’t Believe Her

A hospital pharmacy was found to have just cause to fire a technician for stealing controlled drugs from inventory. The records clearly showed that the technician had custody

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