June 2018


Don’t Want Them to Fade? Provide Water and Shade

Work doesn’t stop just because it’s summer, but that doesn’t mean that supervisors can forget about the heat and have their workers forge ahead full steam as though it


Avoid Conflict, Avoid Violence

The workplace throws together people who would normally never meet. Truth be told, some of them we wish we had never met. Chances are you've experienced conflict with a cowor


Using Cellphone While Sitting on Stopped Forklift = Unsafe Operation Violation

A warehouse worker (and JHSC member) initiated a work refusal contending that 2 of his co-workers were using their cellphones while operating a forklift. Internal investigati

not guilty

Crimes Employee Found Not Guilty of May Still Factor into Employment

Protections against employment discrimination on the basis of previous criminal record apply only when the crimes are unrelated to the job. But suppose a criminal record chec

Emergency Lighting

Will Your Emergency Lighting Cut it During a Calamity?

Imagine being caught in an intense earthquake lasting at least six minutes and suddenly having the power go off, plunging the room into darkness in the midst of all that chao


Work Frequently Isn’t a Safe Haven for Victims of Domestic Violence

eople who have a miserable life at home might view their work as a blessed escape, but if the misery involves domestic abuse, the workplace often isn’t a safe haven for a v

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