April 2018

Workers’ Comp Nixes Medical Cannabis for Worker on Prescription Opioids

The Workers’ Comp Appeals Tribunal upheld the denial of payment for medical cannabis to treat pain from a work-related finger amputation citing the following reasons:


Discussing Employee’s Job Status ≠ Bullying & Harassment

An employee claimed she suffered work-related mental stress as a result of threatening and bullying comments made by management during a pair of meetings discussing a non-dis


Dangerous Digs

If you work in construction, or even if there is construction going on in your workplace, you need to be aware of the dangers associated with excavations. An excavation 


Accident Investigation 101: What to Do and What Not to Do

Today has been one of those days. A problem with a major piece of equipment resulted in a one-hour production delay, which squeezed an already tight deadline and 10 minutes l


Zero Tolerance Drug Policy Must Accommodate Legal Use of Medical Cannabis

An airport ramp agent failed a post-incident drug test after accidentally damaging an airplane. The agent denied being high at work and claimed the positive test was caused b

failing health

Failing Health No Basis for Giving Employee Extra Termination Notice

A construction firm inked its erstwhile independent contractor consultant to an employment contract and allows him to keep consulting for other clients. The consultant, age 5

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