March 2018

The Safety Shoe Tie-In

You probably do not think about your feet very much, unless they are hurting. As long as they are free of injury, you just take it for granted your feet will get you where

difficult people

Dealing With Difficult People

When the adrenalin starts flowing in a conversation and one person responds aggressively in the heat of the moment, the odds of a successful conclusion to the issue on that o


Train Engineer Gets to Keep His Job Despite Safety Inspection Violation

Failing to do a proper Rule 110 pull-by train inspection was the final straw for an engineer with previous safety violations and attendance issues. The engineer denied the al


Sex Harassment Complainant Fined for Leaking Case Details to Media

What should be the penalty for a female paramedic who violated BC Human Right Tribunal confidentiality rules by deliberately leaking details of her sex harassment complaint t


Job Assignment Not Retaliation for Raising a Safety Concern

A contract administrator claimed he was assigned to a less desirable project 5 days in retaliation for expressing concern about a contractor’s use of unlicensed electrician


Good Housekeeping Reduces Accidents

How often at work have you heard the phrase "good housekeeping practices"? No, I am not referring to your ability to make a bed or wash dishes, but the area maintenance habit

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