February 2018


Poor Housekeeping By the Numbers

Odds of winning the lottery 1 in 135,145,920 (multi-state, mega-millions jackpot) Odds of a slip, trip or fall being linked to poor housekeeping: 1 in 2 (UK Health and Sa


On The Road: Flagging Safety

Sweating profusely beneath her orange vest, Jane held up a stop sign. Jane was controlling traffic during a road-widening project; she wasn't aware that every year motorists


Resident Fined for Riverside Excavation without a Clean Water Permit

A local resident canoeing along the Tobique River noticed that a large portion of the bank had been excavated. Responding to his complaint, the DOE inspected and charged a 53


Contract’s Termination Notice Limit Not Clear Enough to Enforce

Getting a court to enforce a contractual limitation of notice payable to an employee in the event of termination without cause remains an uphill climb. The employment contrac

compressed gas

Compressed Gas Safety

Who among us hasn't heard stories about cylinders of compressed gas shooting across the works yard like rockets, devastating everything in their paths? Those stories

first aid

By the Numbers: First Aid

First aid is providing help and medical assistance to someone who is injured or sick. Why is first aid so important? Take a minute to look at these numbers and you see how fr

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