December 2017


Court Temporarily Blocks ‘Niqab’ Rule for Lack of Religious Accommodations

A Québec court has temporarily barred the government from enforcing the controversial new law (erstwhile Bill 62) banning people from giving or receiving a public service wi

Seven Statistics on Workplace Safety Culture

Safety culture is the term used to describe a workplace's attitudes, beliefs, perceptions and values relating to safety. Here are seven statistics surrounding this important

Saving Your Workers’ Skin: Tips for Preventing Cuts

Cuts account for an estimated 30 percent of workplace injuries, and about 70 percent of such injuries involve the hands or fingers, according to the National Safety Council.

Worker Can’t File Same Harassment Reprisal Claim in 2 Tribunals

A materials handler brought a labour grievance claiming he was harassed and then fired in reprisal for filing a workers’ comp claim for a back injury and demanding reinstat


Seven Statistics on Winter Workplace Injuries: Ice, Ice, Baby

According to data from the National Safety Council, 25,000 slip, trip and fall accidents occur daily in the US. Snow, ice and freezing temps in the winter multiply the


Preventing Falls on Temporary Stairs

Temporary stairs are common during the construction of buildings. They are also some of the most neglected areas on a job site. Stairs that aren’t designed to regulatory sp

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