November 2017


Employers Must Protect Workers Against Sunburn

No matter how often health agencies drum away at the message of wearing sunscreen and hats, the message often seems to fall on deaf, sunburned ears. People mistakenly continu


Manager Fired for Performance, Not in Reprisal for Complaining to MOL

A housing community decided to extend a manager’s probationary period despite performance issues and her conflict with the boss. Soon thereafter, the manager complained to


Chicken Farm Video Surveillance Violates Employee Privacy

A chicken farm caught hell after covert media video of employees committing animal abuse went public. So the farm decided to correct the problem by requiring crews to wear su


A Guide to Problems and Solutions

The California Department of Industrial Relations has taken a close look at conditions that lead to worker fatigue and musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) symptoms and injuries.


By the Numbers

Oily rags can be found in all sectors of industry and at your own home. Improper use and disposal of these rags are responsible for fires, property damage, and injuries (some


Homeowner Fined for OHS Violation

Normally, a $1,000 OHS fine wouldn’t rate its own item in the CASES section of our Month in Review. But this case is a bit unusual, not because of the offence, i.e., failur

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