October 2017


Police Kill Gunman Who Opened Fire on Co-workers at Safety Meeting

Following a huge manhunt, police shot and killed a 47-year-old California man who had earlier opened fire on his co-workers at a company safety meeting, killing three and inj


Random Testing OK for Oil Sands Site with Rampant Drug Issues

An energy company unilaterally imposed a policy mandating not just drug and alcohol testing but random testing for safety-sensitive workers at oil sands sites. The arbitrat

school bus

School Bus Manufacturer Agrees to Pay Employee $176,000 Plus

The US Department of Labor has reached an agreement with Blue Bird Corp., a Georgia-based school bus manufacturer, to pay more than $176,000 in back wages and interest to an

Unpaid Intern Can’t Sue for Wrongful Dismissal & Can’t Prove Mental Distress

A college fired a 54-year-old unpaid intern after a female student accused him of sexually accosting her in an elevator. The intern denied the charge and sued the college for

roller coaster

Worker’s Death Brings Rollercoaster Safety Improvements

Following the death of a Walt Disney World rollercoaster ride attendant in November 2007, Disney has announced it is making safety improvements. Karen Price, 63, died afte


Company Fined $77,500 for Separate Amputation Incidents

A worker’s right index finger was amputated while resting a steel tube on the clamping device of a machine used to bore out the centre of tubes to pre-set specifications. T

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