September 2017

Man Accidentally Shoots Himself in Both Legs

He didn’t have a grudge against anyone at work, but for some reason he violated company policy by bringing a .45-caliber gun into the workplace. The violation came to light

No Workers’ Comp for Security Guard with Preexisting Mental Stress

A correctional officer claimed post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) benefits after seeing an inmate jump to his death from a high pole. WHSCC said no. The officer had a hist

Diesel Exhaust Exposure Linked to Lung Cancer

Researchers have found a link between lung cancer deaths and heavy worker exposure to diesel exhaust in non-metal mines in the United States. Scientists from the Natio

Age discrimination

Firing Founding Director ≠ Age Discrimination

After wooing and training his hand-picked successor, the artistic director and founder of a performing arts company decided not to retire after all. But while willing to reli

Two Divers Die in California Aqueduct

An investigation is under way to determine what caused two California Department of Water Resources divers to die during a routine inspection of pump intake pipes in the Cali


Tsunami: Can it Happen Here?

The recent tsunami devastation in South Asia is arguably the worst natural disaster ever. The fact that it occurred on the other side of the globe may make it seem like somet

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